Day 27 to day 33. Back on the road again!

After an easy weekend attending Medieval Festival and gentle poodling on bikes we were able to leave Bayeux at 12.30 on Monday.
Our mail had arrived eventually, theres a lot to be said for French post……..
So off we set for Le Graviere on our way to Mont Ste Michael,  a hot, harduos day with plenty of hills, at the 40 mile point I “bonked” and was having trouble going on, so a wild camp site was needed,  the only place seemed to be a bungee and toboggan place at Viaduct de la Souleuvre.


So down the hill we rode intending to sleep underneath the viaduct but  were lucky to find a hut with veranda that we could use, and, as it was after 8 Dyl got the food on and I laid out the sleeping bags.


Having travelled over 40 miles and some unforgiving terrain and climbed 5165ft we were definitely ready to sleep.

Day 31 Tuesday 9th July
After a terrible nights sleep for me (Dyl could sleep through an  earthquake,) because I felt very vulnerable and nervous sleeping outside, it was pitch black and the middle of a wood and I heard every sound. I was glad when 6 arrived and the alarm went.
A quick cuppa and we were off, pushing our bikes a mile up out of the valley.


This is the closest I will ever get!!!!

And then onto La Graviere, at this point we picked up a disused railway line which took us through to Vire where we stopped at a drive through patisserie for coffee and choc au pain.
We continued on the railway line, slowly assending for next 10 mls or so. after stopping for a break I discovered I’d left my phone and Dyl  bless him went back 4mls uphill! and thankfully it was there.
Carried on to Soudervale but it was lunch time and everything closes so hung around till 2.30 for Tourist information to open and get maps, we ignored her advice to use roads and got back onto Velo 4 where it was downhill for a couple of miles and up for 14!
We approached Mortain which is built on the sides of a very large gorge and our campsite was at the top, Dyl altered the route to avoid another mother of a hill.
Going downhill at 35/40 mls a hour is very exhilarating until you get to the bottom and realise what took 5mins down will  take 30mins up the other side!
So today ascended 4364 ft
Its been a very hot day and still 24 degrees at 8.45pm
Think I have a touch of sunstroke.


Top of hill and still smiling.. just!

Day 32 Wednesday 10th July
Rest day today.
Weather 34 degrees
Invited by Tourist board to join them in car park for cidre and biscuits, couldn’t tell what they were selling ..All in French… but the cidre was nice

Day 33 Thursday 11th July
We are travelling to Domfront which we are told is a lovely medieval town on top of a hill… O Joy!
Again its on to the cycle way and although its uphill not as steep as the roads.
We approach Domfront and they’re
right, its on top of a mother of a hill and I can’t ride all the way and end up pushing which is bad enough even though Dyl has lightened my load because I was struggling earlier on in the week.


View from top of hill at Donfront


Dunfront Castle

Having arrived in Domfront at lunchtime we decide to go on to our next stop Bagnoles d L’Orne which appears to be a spa town, very beautiful and expensive.


Although as with a few of the places we’ve seen appears to have had its day with majestic looking hotels and bars boarded up either for sale or left to rot.


Although they do appear to cater for everything!


Our camp site is very nice a lot busier than the others we’ve used and has wifi you can use from your tent.
We finish the day having a lovely meal in town.


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